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Blog Hop: Three Lessons Our New Puppy Taught My Kids About Love

I was that mom. The mom who assured her children regularly, despite their begging and pleading, that we would never, ever have a dog.

It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with animals. Dogs are awesome. Both my husband and I grew up with them, and we had two puppies of our own when we were first married. But, as we continued to have kids {four of them}, and the level of chaos in our house increased {immeasurably}, we stood steadfast in our commitment to keeping the crazy to a minimum. Honestly, I was not at all confident in my ability to keep another breathing thing alive in my house.

Until…about two months ago.

To continue reading my Atlanta Mom post entitled, "Three Lessons My Puppy Taught My Kids About Love,' click HERE!

*Special disclaimer: I’m not here to convince anyone to run out and buy a dog tomorrow, but there’s not an ounce of me that regrets welcoming this sweet boy into our lives and introducing my kids to the life lessons that he’s taught them.


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