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Blog Hop: What If Our Kids Are the Next "Greatest Generation"?

The past five months have been painful for all of us. There's not a person alive whose world was not turned upside down in March, and here we are - facing yet another chapter of this Covid saga - still uncertain and collectively weary. I'm not sure any of us can imagine enduring more loss than we already have at this point.

But, our story isn't over yet - and I say that with hope.

As I prepare my children for a new school year, with fewer answers than any of us have questions, I have come to a conclusion: I simply can't lead my family forward, if I continue to focus on all that we've lost.

I must change my perspective.

What if this unprecedented period of time actually has the potential to shape our children in ways we never could have imagined? What if... we are actually raising the next 'Greatest Generation"?

I'm so grateful, as always, to Atlanta Mom Collective for allowing me to take a deep dive. To read more, click HERE to see my most recent Atlanta Mom Collective post! ​


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