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Blog Hop: Hang on Santa, It's Still Fall, Y'all!

You’ve taken down the jack-o-lanterns, snuck more than your share of the kid’s Halloween candy, and finally started unpacking those fall sweaters. Ah, yes…it’s November! The heart of fall y’all. A month full of family time and Thanksgiving before the winter holiday craziness begins. A time to pause ahead of all the shopping lists and party invites. This is the sweet spot before we begin to lose sight of what the holidays are all about. Right?

Or, is it?

Have you been inside of Target…or Hobby Lobby…or

even Kroger, lately?

Please understand, I absolutely love the winter holiday season. I can’t wait for all the holly-jolly magic heading our way. To the #Christmaspeople who were tempted to get your Mariah Carey on while carving Halloween pumpkins, I feel you. With Buddy and Clark just within reach, it makes sense that you’d want to get there as fast as possible. Come Black Friday, I’m going to be right there, too – peppermint mocha in hand – and tuned into Hallmark all month long.

But, hold your jingle bells for a quick sec.

When I was a kid, November always got its fair due. Halloween was October’s. December belonged to Christmas and Hanukkah. And, November – it was fall at its finest. This was the only month of the year packed with 30 days of crisp air, changing leaves, turkeys, and pumpkin pies. It did not include Santa staring me down from the depths of evergreen and holly on aisle 10.

But, ’tis 2021.

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