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Blog Hop: Forget About Self-Care, ‘Tis the Time for Soul Care

This year. We’ve characterized it in a million different ways. And, the pendulum of ever-changing emotions that we’ve experienced over the past ten months isn’t quite done swinging. We are now getting ready to end this year in the same way we do every year, with the holiday season. For some, this brings such a sense of joy and peace – so much so that I know people who started decorating their homes for Christmas right after Halloween. But, for others, the coming weeks will only put a magnifying glass on what they’ve lost in 2020. Regardless of how you are feeling, I want to encourage you to do something that may seem counterintuitive, especially as a mom and particularly during this season in which “giving” is appropriately such a focus.

I want you to focus on YOU.

Before you roll your eyes and accuse me of grossly oversimplifying, please hear me out. I’m not talking about treating yourself to your favorite coffee or sleeping in an extra 30 minutes if you feel like it (although, I certainly wouldn’t advise against either). What I mean is I want you to dig deep and really ask yourself what you need right now.

And, then do it.

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