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Blog Hop: 3 Tips for Bringing Non-Food Centered Activities to Halloween!

When reminiscing about childhood, who doesn’t put Halloween at the top of their list of favorite holiday memories? Dressing up in a costume and running around the neighborhood collecting bags full of candy is as good as it gets. And, as moms, all we want is for our children to enjoy all of the same types of idyllic experiences that we had growing up. But, if you are raising a son or daughter with a medical issue that impacts his or her relationship with food, these nostalgic moments may not look like you imagined they would for your own child.

Halloween may be the epic kickoff to the food-centered holidays in fall and winter, but it can feel absolutely overwhelming for many parents.

I will never forget the first Halloween after my oldest son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. We attended a friend’s Halloween party just weeks after he landed in the ER because of a serious allergic reaction to peanut butter. I was suddenly seeing the world with completely different eyes. While I watched people all around us peel back the wrappers of their ubiquitous Reece’s peanut butter cups, my completely unaware toddler wandered around touching every surface imaginable, just as two-year-olds do. I held my breath, did everything I could to keep him from putting his hands in his mouth, and realized at that moment that Halloween would never look the same for us.

This same boy, now 13 years old, will spend his first Halloween this year as a recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic. And, here we are once again.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by what we can’t change. But, what I’ve learned over the years is that just about anything is possible with little love and creativity – especially inclusion. While I will never advocate for completely eliminating food from holiday celebrations, I do believe that good things happen for all of our kids when we make some room for non-food fun at the table, as well.

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