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A New Season, In More Ways Than One

Happy fall, everybody. As I promised when I took a break at the end of the summer, I am checking back in after a much needed two month-long hiatus from writing and social media. I felt such a strong need for quiet and focus going into the back-to-school season, but little did I know how much I would need this centeredness during what we unknowingly had ahead of us. I want to share a little bit about our last several weeks, as this will impact the way I move forward in many aspects, including my writing here.

Four weeks ago, our 13 year-old, Cade, was hospitalized and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. From what I'm learning, most people's experiences with diabetic ketoacidosis (which is often the way type 1 diabetes is diagnosed) are eerily similar. In short, it's a terrifying start to a complete life change. Eventually, I will be able to thoughtfully write about it - the signs, the importance of intuition, the sadness and fear that comes along with a diagnosis like this - but I am not there yet. We are still knee-deep in the middle of trying to navigate our new normal, which now includes blood glucose monitoring, carb counting, insulin shots, and an enormous degree of vigilance and preparedness, on top of our already complicated relationship with food.

What I can wrap words around, though, is this: The past few weeks have been the most beautiful reminder that the goodness of people shines brightest during the upside down turns of life. For those who have overwhelmed us with your love and kindness, there is no question that God has chosen to show His face through you. We are so grateful. We are also thankful for the brilliance and compassion of our medical community, particularly the in- and out-patient staff of our children's hospital here in Atlanta. You are the most special among us.

How fortunate we also feel to live in 2021, a time where the technology available to diabetics continues to move forward with lightening speed. While so much about Cade’s circumstances feels overwhelming right now, we could not be more hopeful about his future.

I can’t promise my level of writing consistency in the coming months, but I am grateful for your patience as I gain my footing in this new world. I‘ve never wanted to be an “expert” in anything, yet I remain a firm believer that with life’s challenges comes an obligation to do something good with it. Whether that’s sharing what I’m learning, encouraging those of you facing your own difficulties, or painting a picture of the world with a set of more empathetic eyes, I hope - with time- to continue what I’ve always tried to accomplish here.

Thank you, as always, for being a part of this community.

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