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Blog Hop: There Is No Such Thing As “Having It All Together, ” Mamas

How many times have you run into her on the soccer field or at the grocery store (pre-pandemic of course): the mom who always seems to have it together. She arrives five minutes early everywhere she goes, never frazzled and always with a smile on her face. She’s dressed like your favorite fashion blogger, even in the carpool line. Worst of all, her kids look you in the eye and use phrases like “yes, ma’am” on a regular basis.

And, there you are: running late {again}, with “not sure what” all over your decades-old sweatshirt, watching your kid throw himself on the floor in a rage…because you wouldn’t let him hold your cell phone.

I’m not making up this scene in my head. I’m speaking from personal experience.

Even during quarantine, we may still be tempted to compare ourselves to moms who seem to be navigating this time better than us. To read more about how NONE of us really have it "all together," click HERE to see my most recent Atlanta Mom Collective post!


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