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Blog Hop: How My Kids' Food Allergies Gave Us the Gift of Empathy

It's Food Allergy Awareness Week, friends! I love the opportunity that this week gives those of us who love people with food allergies. It provides us with a platform to share our stories and educate others in a way we might normally have.

But, this is a time when I always find myself getting reflective, too. What's difficult about our experience? What do I wish people better understood about my family? What can I do better to advocate?

What have I learned?

This last question is one that I've really been thinking about, and come to find out - the answer is a lot. While I would never wish food allergies upon anyone - especially my two boys - I have to admit that I wouldn't take back the ways that I've grown as a person because of this journey. Every time I have to ask someone to be empathetic of my boys, walk to my side, and see things from our perspective, my heart opens up a little bit more for others who are facing challenges unlike my own.

The truth is: our food allergies have given us the gift of empathy.

I'm so grateful to Atlanta Mom's Blog for the opportunity to share my feelings on this subject this week! To see more, check out my post When Your Kids' Struggles Hand You the Gift of Empathy by clicking HERE!


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