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Blog Hop: The Beauty of Unexpected Blessings... And Embracing A Change of Course

I'm so happy to hop over to Atlanta Mom's Blog again today and share the most personal thing that I've ever written. While this is another post that is not {directly} related to food allergies, it is the part of my family's story that has shaped me more than any other.

You see, after we had our third child - our second with multiple food allergies and asthma - I was absolutely overwhelmed. I was emotionally and physically exhausted, and my anxiety level could not have been more high with all that I was juggling. At this point, the only thing I was certain of was that our family was complete with the three little people in our house.

But, even after taking steps to ensure that our family was complete... God had other plans for us.

And, now, I'm a mama of four.

This is our very special story of unexpected blessings, believing in something bigger than us and embracing a change of course... ironically, all lessons that so many of us food allergy parents already know so well. I could not be more grateful to Atlanta Mom's Blog for the opportunity to share the story of our sweet baby number four, Ty, and all that happened during my heart in the process.

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