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Blog Hop... Mom Hacks For Making Back-To-School A Breeze!

Yes, friends... it's that time of year! While all moms juggle, we allergy moms of the world are in our own category, especially when it comes to managing our day-to-day. And, this couldn't be more true during the the busiest time for all of us - back-to-school.

I recently reached out to as many mom friends and neighbors I could and did a little poll. What little tricks did they employ during this transition into fall that made their family's lives a little bit easier? The response was overwhelming, and I compiled some of the best hacks I heard into one of my favorites posts for Atlanta Mom's Blog.

In fact, one the best hacks I found is actually food-related, and we have already tried it at our house. Several mom friends suggested organizing lunch box items ahead of time in baggies and storing them in plastic bins so that it’s easier for younger kids to make their own lunches. My kids have LOVED this trick. They've enjoyed the autonomy of making their own lunch choices, but I've been able to give them boundaries at the same time. It's a win-win. This is just one of many clever ideas that I can't wait to try myself this school year.

While this post isn't about food allergies specifically, I couldn't think of a better place to share these helpful back-to-school mom hacks than here. I hope some of these tricks help make YOUR back-to-school as smooth as possible!

To see more, check out my post The Best Back-to-School Hacks…From Some of the Smartest Moms I Know!, click HERE!


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