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Blog Hop Time! Let's Talk About Doing What's Scary, Mamas...

I am so grateful for my "side gig" at Atlanta Area Mom's Blog, especially when I can talk about something that is both a part of general mom life and my food allergy mom life. You see, while these roles coexist for me, I often feel like my food allergy mom world is in a category all of its own. And, there's absolutely no place where the topic of my most recent Atlanta Mom's Blog post is more applicable than in the "food allergy" part of my life.

You see, being a food allergy mom has caused me to push outside of every single comfort zone I have. I am a peace-maker by nature, so speaking up and having uncomfortable conversations is VERY hard for me. But, let me tell you something: I'm grateful for this. Because the truth is, every time that we moms reach outside of what's comfortable and do what's hard, we are not only doing something that's great for us, we are forever impacting our children in the most amazing way. When I advocate and push to do what's right, my kids are empowered; they gain confidence that they, too, can do the same. And, I simply grow.

So, while this isn't just exclusive to our food allergy worlds - I hope this post encourages you to do the things that you are nervous about. Do the things that you know are good for you, but scare you to death. Do the things that PUSH you forward. Yes, it's hard - but the benefits of taking that leap far outweigh the risks!

To check out my post Taking The Leap…Why Our Kids Need to See Us Doing the Scary Stuff, click HERE!

And, stay tuned next month, when I take on Food Allergy Awareness Week - What Every Mom Needs to Know!


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