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A "Wonderful" Start to Something New... Double Blog Duty!

A few months ago, a friend of mine -and fellow food allergy mom - suggested that I look into a writing opportunity that she'd heard about. A mom-focused blog here in Atlanta was looking for contributing writers for 2018 and she wondered if they could use a "food allergy mom's" perspective. The idea intrigued me. When I looked into it, I discovered that this particular blog - Atlanta Area Mom's Blog (AAMB) - was written for and by local moms. The more I read about their mission of connecting and encouraging women throughout the community, the more I was convinced that this was a dream opportunity. Being a part of a blog like this would not only give me the chance to write about fun "mom stuff" (heaven knows, with four kids, I have enough fodder to fill volumes), but it would also allow me to stretch my voice. And, by voice - I most certainly mean my food allergy voice.

Well, thanks to the thoughtfulness of that friend, I'm so thrilled to say that I recently jumped on board at AAMB as a member of their writing team.

What excites me about this? More than I can put into words. But, one of my favorite parts about this blog is the inspirational team of women who bring their unique perspectives, humor and heart to this website. And, that's where my hope lies. If you've perused these pages long enough, you know that there's nothing more important to me than educating people about food allergies and advocating on our allergy kids' behalf. And, I hope that in any way I can, I am able to continue to raise awareness from this new platform - even if it is often in subtle ways.

That brings me to my AAMB post from yesterday... After reading the book Wonder and seeing Auggie's incredible story on the big screen, I couldn't wait to share what this story taught me. No, this post isn't exactly about food allergies, but it IS about seeing the world from others' eyes... and supporting moms out there who are raising kiddos who feel "different" from their friends. Food allergy moms and dads get that. And, that's why I'm so excited to share this with you.

CLICK HERE to head to Atlanta Area Mom's blog and check my post out.

Please stay tuned for more as I continue to do double blog duty! Next month on AAMB... I'll be writing about healthy veggie swaps for your favorite cold weather dishes. And guess what - they are all top-8 free!


If you live here in the Atlanta area and want to learn more about Atlanta Area Mom's Blog, you can visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @atlmomsblog.

And, if you aren't local... Atlanta City Mom's Blog is a part of a national network of city blogs with the same mission of bringing moms together within their communities. You can use this link to search for a mom's blog near you!

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