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Non-Food Traditions Make For The Best Kind of Holiday Family Fun!

Traditions. We all love them and there's no time of year where they mean more than right now. Traditions - especially those centered around the holidays - create the kind of memories that we not only hold on to ourselves, but can't wait to pass on to our children. The problem for food allergy families? Oh, so many of those special snapshots in time involve food! While I couldn't be a more enthusiastic advocate for getting in the kitchen and doing our best to make those food moments safe for our kids, there is something to be said for non-food fun that proves just as special during this holiday season.

Think about it for a minute: I bet that some of the holiday memories that you love the most actually do not originate in your kitchen. Some of my favorites? The turkey trot that my family runs in my husband's hometown every Thanksgiving... the Black Friday trip that my daughter and I make to the mall to get into the holiday spirit.. and at the very top of my list, the field trip that my crew takes each year to purchase our Christmas tree, which always headlines a weekend of decorating our house inside and out. And, that doesn't count food drives, white elephant gift parties and Hallmark movie marathons. You got it - NONE of these special moments have anything to do with milk, eggs and nuts. All of these memories are made in my house each year without me lifting a finger to create allergy-safe treat alternatives or contemplate how I'm going to navigate food landmines for my kiddos. They are safe, festive moments that my kids will probably remember just as much as what they put into their bellies.

Now, that I've got you thinking... what about:

  • Philanthropic efforts, like toy, coat or book collections

  • Holiday-themed plays and musicals

  • Visits to the local ice skating rink

  • Front-row seats at the local holiday parade

  • Local holiday-themed fun runs/walks

  • Christmas lights - either at a park or local neighborhood

Okay, it's your turn: I'm proposing a challenge. I would like to encourage you to consider a new non-food tradition to adopt into your family's holiday repertoire this year. And, what's the very best way to come up with a fun holiday activity for your family? By learning from each other! Let's share our best ideas... you never know, someone may have a tradition that you will soon make your own. There are a couple of ways to make this happen.

  1. Share your family's favorite non-food holiday activity in the comments section below.

  2. If you aren't following Allergy Dish's Facebook page, find us at @allergydish and share your ideas in the comments section of our post about non-food traditions.

  3. Post a picture of you participating in your favorite non-food holiday tradition and use hashtag #nonfoodfun. And, don't forget to tag Allergy Dish on Instagram @theallergydish and Twitter @allergydish!

Here's to a season full of safe, festive memories that your children may actually pass on one day themselves. Now, ready, set, GO!

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