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Cool Off With An Allergy-Safe Popsicle... That Is Healthy, Too!

Here's an allergy fun fact that is hard to dispute: cooking from scratch makes life safer. Sure, I know that it's not always convenient and it takes more time than just picking something off of a shelf, but there is something to be said about taking the processing variable out of the mix (bye-bye "made in a plant" or "on equipment" statements...). And, there's a bonus. When you make things from scratch, you also take charge of the ingredients that you are using. I don't know anyone who bakes homemade goods and adds a little high fructose syrup. It's a win-win!

Enter in a universal kid favorite - popsicles. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a store-bought popsicle label to discover that it either contained something my kids were allergic to (most commonly milk) or was processed on equipment that makes every nut imaginable. Popsicles are one of my go-to examples of why we must ALWAYS check labels, every single time. But you know what? They are so easy to make in a healthy and safe way at home!

This particular recipe came about almost by accident at our house, and I have to give my husband Brian full credit . Several years ago, I talked him into purchasing what has consequently become one of our most favorite things - a Vitamix. I've toyed around with making soups and dips and fruit sorbet, but the best use for this blender has been its ability to pulverize fruits and vegetables into juices that we haven't been successful in getting our kids to drink! To remedy that, Brian decided to do what daddies do best and make green drinks FUN. He went to Walmart, purchased some popsicle molds for $1, whipped up a fruit and veggie smoothie and used the molds to freeze it into popsicles. And, there you have it - a safe, healthy popsicle that my kids love!

And, the good news is... you really don't need a Vitamix to make these yourself. You can pull it off with any blender! Here's what you need to make them at home:

Allergy-Safe Healthy Popsicles


1 cup greens (baby kale or spinach)

1 cup strawberries

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 banana (if you want it sweeter, you can add 1 whole banana)

1/2 cup orange juice

1/4 cup coconut water (if you child has issues with coconut, you can substitute with regular water)

1 cup water

Blend together until liquified. Pour into molds and freeze.

*This recipe makes approximately 14 ounces; we used one-ounce popsicle molds.

Have fun with this and don't be shy about experimenting with different fruits. Your kids will thank you!